Jackson 5 – “Forever Came Today” (Field to Factory edits)

The Jackson 5 - Forever Came Today

First of all, this is so overwhelmingly and unequivocally BLACK.
Trivia bonus: Diane Ross & The Supremes charted with the original version of this song in 1968.

Damn that does my heart good.

Anyway, I’m still getting inquiries about these two dj tools many moons after they first came together so this post is long overdue.

Adrian Loving had the idea to psyce this joint up, I had the CoolEdit skills, and the result gets folks “cutting a rug like Sister Edna Pearl at a tent revival” – © nOva.

The whole album is a winner. You should cop that.

The Jackson 5 - Moving Violation

Since the Field To Factory brand pre-dates my involvement, I’ll be leaning on Jamil, Nabani & Adrian to pitch in and knock out more of these this year.

4 Replies to “Jackson 5 – “Forever Came Today” (Field to Factory edits)”

  1. I remember years ago
    King Britt dropped that at rittenhouse park in philly and everyone lost it. A hidden gem on the edit scene!

  2. OMG…I love this. So fly and indeed incredibly BLACK! I’m gonna go download it now.

  3. nrp

    that clip was unbelievable…makes you want to get in the time machine to go back and have a talk with mike…tell him it would be alright. nrp

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