Back from Blighty (and Spain)

A recent jaunt across the Atlantic yielded some nicely accomplished missions, stronger alliances and much needed R&R. I even engaged in a bit of tourism that was absent from previous trips.

Caught up with the Uprock fam and was an eager and well-received guest at their recent Sunday night holiday jam. Straight off the plane direct to the venue with luggage in tow. Big up Pursuit Grooves and Supa DJ Pogo!

In between kicking it with the crew and watching Man. U take their medicine in the Champions League final, I managed to rally the troops and have a studio session, the results of which I’m pretty excited about.

Then we all went to Alicante, Spain and spent a staggering amount of time blasting music by the pool, scaring European white folks on the beach with our unrestrained mirth, BBQ’ing and concocting every permutation in the pantheon of adult beverages. Big up Ayra & Ira and the Pancake Gallery for hooking it up!

But about that tune… Working on getting that to the people as soon as possible. Watch this space.

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  1. Sweet! I followed you and Kat by Twitter to see what was going on…great stuff!


  2. meistro

    feeling the choon!

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