Refuge #1: A nice start

Old friends and new came through to sip, chat and boogie. This experiment just might work. As promised, every week I’ll recap a few highlights. Hopefully this will become a running conversation. What records do YOU remember and want to know more about?

Vibe Conductor Pick:

As much as I like to smash off a party, I also enjoy just sharing tunes with a room full of folks socializing and appreciating the sounds. Early in the night I dropped one of my favorite tracks from the Jazz Refreshed compilation, Femi Temowo’s “Wood & Strings”.

Click the album cover to listen to the project in its entirety.


When I read that Femi took up jazz guitar after being inspired by Wes Montgomery, I wasn’t surprised. Here’s why:

Peoples’ Pick:

Slakah the Beatchild – “D.A.N.C.E.”

I ended the night with this one, and for those who haven’t heard it in my sets and mixes since this summer, it was an instant earworm. Toronto’s got some freshly ground goodness brewing these days. Been seeing Slakah the Beatchild in album credits, on blogs and in music press for a minute.

Nostalgia Pick:

Brownstone – “If You Love Me”

Sometimes you just want the ladies to get really happy and sing along really loud. We DJs enjoy that.

Digging In The Crates Pick:

Madonna – “Human Nature”

Forgot about this one, didn’t ya? Still goes hooard in the clurb. Word to Madge.

See you next week, right? Of course!


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