Refuge #9: Straight R&B

Looking at the highlights below, I guess that’s how I was feeling last week.

Vibe Conductor Pick:

Kidkanevil – “When I Dig” featuring Kissey Asplund, Blu

It almost feels premature to be rocking this now because it’s such a spring jam. Kissey Asplund does her cutesy space kitten thing and Blu’s Dana Dane impression takes me back to happier times. Who’s Kidkanevil? I’m just finding out myself over a year after everyone else did.

Peoples’ Pick:

Eric Roberson – “Wanna Believe It Again” feat. Wayna

I got Music Fan First right before the first Refuge and been banging this tune ever since. It’s almost cursory to highlight it at this point because its jam status was instantly evident. But I love it. The dancefloor loves it. Other DJs reading this, if you like women, you should be playing it.

Nostalgia Pick:

SWV – “Coming Home”

SWV had a lot of great tracks outside of their established hits. Many solid cuts fell through the cracks in that transitional period when new jack swing was waning and R&B had yet to merge DNA with hip-hop.

Digging In The Crates Pick:

Rahsaan Patterson – “It Ain’t Love”

It feels like folks should shed clothing and inhibitions when this song drops. I’ve never seen it happen but perhaps subconsciously I wish it would.

Join us for another session tonight?


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