Thanks, Oakland, SF and L.A.

I wish I took more photos. But you can check out some glimpses of my Do Over debut here:

This is how I feel about the fact that the recorder was broken and there was no audio preservation of my set.

(consolation prize update: Do-Over setlist)

But you can hear what Cecil, Carlos Mena and myself played at Yoruba Dance Sessions.

Got it live with Sake-1 at Eve Lounge for Leftism. No photographic or audio record of that night either, and it cranked considerably. Fail. Sexy room with even sexier bartenders. Looking forward to getting Sake and J-Boogie in DC.

Shoutouts are also due to Jamie Strong, Chris Haycock, The Whooligan, Imani for putting me on to the ill fish taco spot, the homegirl Cheryll and b-day girl Candikate as well as her neighborhood taco truck. I ate so many tacos. When I didn’t eat tacos, I had a breakfast burrito. Every time was like the first time.

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