The Vibe Conductor 2010 Hot List

Child Rebel Soldier – “Don’t Stop”

I wasn’t paying much attention to Good Fridays until this dropped like an anvil on my skull. Kanye and Lupe body their verses. Pharrell’s verse is forgettable but he’s redeemed by the production. If I made that beat I’d just walk around with a boombox blasting it, repeatedly pointing to it then back to myself then telling everyone to kiss my ass.

Black Milk – “Keep Going”

This makes me want to carjack someone. In Black Milk’s case, naming your project Album Of The Year isn’t hyperbole.

Big Boi – “Shutterbugg”

My favorite party record of the year. Rocks from the flossiest club to an underground jam. Luscious Left Foot can’t fall off.

Slum Village – “Dance” feat. AB

In the midst of a lot of confusing and depressing controversy the trio managed to drop an amazing album. Why choose this over all of the other brilliant tracks? Because I really miss slick, playful Baatin. And because I already have two songs on this list that make me want to punch people in the face.

Zo! – “Flight of the Blackbyrd”

Reminds me of all of my favorite jazz fusion records. It’s clear that Zo! and I listened to the same ones. Makes me want to dance like this.

Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band – “Roforofo Fight” (Louie Vega’s EOL Mix)

How do you improve on something that’s already perfect? Put it in Louie Vega’s hands. Fela has a home in Cuba. Ashé!

Peven Everett – “Burning Hot” (Timmy Regisford Remix)

Biggest house record of the year. Inspires to people to metaphysically levitate off of the dance floor. Makes me want to crowd surf while dj’ing.

Ian Friday feat. Chris Rob – “Found Myself” (Yoruba Soul Vocal)

My chosen runner-up to King Peven. We’d been waiting for Ian to drop another anthem for a couple years. He didn’t disappoint, and the original is exceptional even though I’m highlighting Osunlade’s version here. As with all enormous records, it inspired a gang of hot remixes.

Akua Allrich – “Hard To Get”

Glad to have a DC representative on this list. This beautiful jazz singer implanted this song in my head where it dwelled there for most of the year, spreading a feeling of warmth and fond memories. You can’t really get the full effect until you watch the video. Bonus points for it being shot in my neighborhood! If only summer could always be like this.

Prince – “Sticky Like Glue”

Prince dropped a new album that you could only get in a newspaper. Sonically, it referred to the style of his classic stuff. Straight Linn Drum and chicken grease. This was my personal highlight.

• Honorable Mentions
Kokayi – “Wynter of My Discontent”
Erykah Badu – “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long”
Jamiroquai – “She’s A Fast Persuader”
Sandra St. Victor – “F.M.A.O.-ocity”
Donwill – “Love Junkie” (Wallpaper Rmx ft The Park)

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