New Joint Friday: KING are my queens

KING vs. The Vibe Conductor

I dearly love KING, like bordering on stannery. So as I begin New Joint Friday I decided to lead with something that will make ME happy. I hope it makes you feel the same.

“Mister Chameleon” has me even more pressed for KING‘s full length LP, but I know that the wait will be worth it. In the meantime, I decided to give this lush tune a tasteful club bump, with an increase in tempo and a deep house workout at the end.

So, about this New Joint Friday thing. If my homie Kokayi can do one new joint a day for a year, I can squeeze out one new joint a week. And the Joints section of my website has been a bit sparse lately so there you go.

Enjoy the new joint! No DL unfortunately, I’m still debating on saving this for my languishing My Fair Ladies project.

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