New Joint Friday: Nicholas Ryan Gant Double Play

Nicholas Ryan Gant - MJ Medley (Vibe Conductor Carioca Remix)

On week #4 of New Joint Friday, I revisit some work by a good friend, as well as present our newest collaboration.

Nicholas Ryan Gant recorded this amazing tribute to Michael Jackson shortly after he passed away and it has stuck with me constantly since then. It’s as haunting as it is beautifully sung. After using it for acapella blends in my sets for a while, I wanted to give it a proper retouch before MJ Day 2014.

That didn’t happen.

But I eventually finished it and it took a samba soul direction. No time like the present to let it go.

In more recent news, Nick asked me to put together the DJ mix for his newest mixtape project.

We’d done this before.

So I knocked it out in one take. It’s a collection of this past summer’s big pop hits, flipped by Nick and a few friends. Grab it from his Bandcamp.

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