Phillee Blunt and DJ Stylus aka the Vibe Conductor discussing some relevant.....and irrelevant stuff. Enjoy!
PB - So, Mr. Stylus...let's get right to the heart of it. Why should people come out to hear you play?

Stylus - Because outside of my crew and IllVibe, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone with more range than me. I try to throw as much in there as possible while still making it all make sense. And my DJ'ing philosophy is to play for:
- women
- dancers

I play what makes me want to dance... with women. I like to take risks but I always play to the room (the 'Vibe Conductor' nickname isn't something I came up with myself). Hopefully you'll all be open to allowing me to stretch out, I have a story I'd like to tell the Philly crowd.

PB - That's why we're bringing you here. Do you feel that your D.C. roots have a direct influence on what you do/how you do it?

Stylus - It keeps me hungry because no one pays attention to us down here. Who would have thought that Memphis would blow before D.C.? It also has shaped my high standards because of the amazing body of work generated by Washington's creative community (known and unknown). Being from D.C. is a source of a lot of pride. I feel like I'm part of a continuum of artists that stretches from Duke Ellington to Chuck Brown to Me'shell Ndege Ocello to Raheem Devaughn. Oh, are you asking whether I'm gonna
rock some go-go? The answer is HELL YEAH.

PB - Dope. Oh, I heard you say this on numerous occasions...where does the term "bama" come from?

Stylus - It's just a D.C. thing that I probably say too much but no one minds because I've got the ill delivery. Deal widdit, bammas! In general it means a corny or socially maladroit person but can easily be thrown about as randomly as the word "dude". The ctual etymology is shrouded in too much debate to get into here.

PB - Fair enough. During your off-time, if there ever is such a thing in the music business, what types of things do you get into? Other hobbies and so on?

Stylus - Off time! Ha! uhh... soccer, beer, lampin', lunchin', sneakers, indie flicks, enjoying the company of my peoples, gettin' my read on, planning dream vacations in my mind... Actually, D.C. has hella culture. Our social diet augments serious partying with theatre, art and the like. It's a good place to live.

PB - So I've heard...and that leads me to my next question. What other outlets do you have as a DJ in addition to the party atmosphere?

Stylus - Been doing radio for about 12 years with my crew The Soul Controllers (www.worldsflyest.com). We're celebrating our 15th year of existence this year and have touched everything in radio from college to internet to commercial to satellite. We're currently part of the Decipher hip-hop block on Pacifica's WPFW 89.3 FM

I'm also a founding member of The Poem-Cees (www.poemcees.com) and after 8 years, 3 HBO appearances, 2 albums, a couple of EP's and umpteen chitlin circuit shows, we're still together. I've been getting my production chops up too outside of Poem-Cees. Check for me on previous and future releases by vocalist Tamara Wellons(www.tamarawellons.com).

PB - Damn...You STAY busy...which is great. What's in store for you in the immediate future? In 5 years?

Stylus - In the immediate future: new Poem-Cees joints, first label release(s) as a producer outside of Poem-Cees, getting turned down by RBMA for the 4th year in a row but going on to global party infiltration and most importantly the SOUL CONTROLLER 15TH ANNIVERSARY BLOW-OUT! 5 years? Might be some more professional writing. Check back in 2011!

PB - HAHA...yeah RBMA is a trip. Lil Dave got in, but he bribed someone...just kidding.
OK, from the "transformers" cartoon, which of the characters best fits you?

Stylus - Smokescreen, cuz Subaru rally cars are the shiznit.

PB - If I had the chance to drive a Subaru rally car, or just a WRX for that matter, I'd probably have it wrapped around a tree in the first 5 mins. But, I digress. When, exactly, did you decide "I'm never gonna stop being a DJ"? Was there another career that you seriously considered before this?

Stylus - I've got a day job, but it isn't what I went to school for. DJ'ing really is my life and everything else I do is the support system for it. Once I decided that it was something that I had to do to be a whole person regardless of whether it paid the bills the question became moot. That realization probably came within the past 2 years although I've been on the decks for almost 15.

PB - Well said. Thanks so much for taking the time out to do this interview. Philly is really looking forward to hearing you play i'm sure. Until then, here's a link to your site and previous work for the public to snack on: www.vibeconductor.com
May 6th BAMAS!!!! i'm korny.

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