Almost ready…

It’s been a long time and the ritual is well established. POEM-CEES records are birthed primarily during bleary eyed night-shift sessions. Leave work, hit studio, go back to work, manage the delirium.

It’s coming up on 5 years since the last official jont, but there have been a couple 12 inches and one official un-official jont since then. Maybe you missed those. There will be time to catch up, but for now we got a bunch of new jonts. They sound pretty good. Here’s a peek from the birthing process.

This is DP, aka naturalaw, aka Durl Purry. He’s good with hooks.


His ad-libs also become more bizarre as the late night hour grows more extreme.

This is Patrick Washington, aka Black Picasso. You might know this guy. He can sleep with his eyes open.

Black Picasso

This dude here…

my pen weighs a ton

This is Priest. He raps real good. That doesn’t make any money though. So now he makes you sound good after you cut the check.


Btw, we clean up pretty well too.

had to be at least one like this

2 Replies to “Almost ready…”

  1. I must say, you all clean up quite well!!!!

    “Walk it talk it, like I walk it talk it…”

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