DJ Stylus & Sharkey, Sat. 2/9

Sharkey asked me to come spin some records with him. Sharkey has a lot of stuff going on – been killing it with his own joints and with Monster Maker. He stays up in the magazines and on the road with a busy touring schedule. He definitely reps for DC. So I’m like “yeah homie, where do I show up?”

I’ll be digging in my stash of joints that never come out the house for a gig. Indie rawk, electro, old school hip-hop album cuts, I really have no idea what it’ll be other than the exact opposite of a usual DJ Stylus set. So if you want to drink cheap beer at an interestingly odd bar with a free-form musical agenda in a gentrification resistant sector of the city (but not for long), or if you fondly remember the anarchy that was Kingpin, hollerate….

The Vibe Conductor + Sharkey on the Cut
Saturday, Feb. 9
cover: free
time: 10 ’til whenever
Jimmy Valentine’s
1103 Bladensburg Rd. NE, DC

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