Soul Controller triple play

Already put these out there but hard drive space is cheap and you need more goodies to work out/house clean/commute/pre-party to, right?

The two most recent DJ Book mixes on Decipher are must haves. As you know, our slot was moved an hour earlier. It’s a positive move but the one snag in that plan is that Book doesn’t finish at WPGC until 9:30. These two sets might be the last time you hear him on WPFW for awhile and as usual, he kills it. (subscribe/iTunes)

DJ Book – Decipher 3/13/08

DJ Book – Decipher 4/4/08

Jamil‘s still holding down Mondays at Marvin. That’s where he gets to dig into the deeper recesses of his crates that lie hidden when he’s playing his more mainstream gigs. He usually starts out with classic soul befitting the venue’s namesake and then veers off into the outer reaches of futuristic black muzik. You haven’t been yet? Download this set recorded live last month.

DJ Jahsonic – Live @ Marvin 3/17/08

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