LOVING Ghana right now

Please hip yourselves immediately and check this vid from M.anifest‘s back catalog. Thanks to Soulbounce for putting me up on game.

Download his new project for free and thank us both. Listening to this album has TRULY been a breath of fresh air for me today. We need as many of these in hip-hop as we can get.


My fave hip-hop out of the continent so far has been from Senegal and South Africa along with a healthy dose of K’Naan but between M.anifest and Blitz the Ambassador, Ghana’s about to smash on bammas.

Oh yeah, Blitz. THIS guy

If I’m “tardy for the party” I blame “you Africans” – © Fela (you know who you are) for not putting me on. Shame on you in advance if so. You know I need constant infusions of happiness inducing blackness to counteract this coonery out here.

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  1. Yup. M.anifest took my ass by surprise, too. Loving Blitz, too. Thanks for putting me up on him 🙂

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