Refuge #11: Giving you something with jazz

I had jazz on the mind last week, and was reviving thoughts of doing a Dingwalls style jazz dance party in DC. Or even like Jazz Attitudes in Paris.

Think it could work?

Here are some of the joints I pulled out early in the night when I was in that mood.

Middlewood Sessions – “Fall Back”

Fitting that since I invoked Gilles Peterson above, this was released on his Brownswood label.

Lonnie Smith – “Apex”

Records like this are why I still buy vinyl.

Jukka Eskola – “1974”

What a gorgeous smoker of a tune from this young Finnish trumpeter. This is one of those songs that you wonder where it’s been all your life once you hear it. It’s a bit hard to find. First released as a b-side to the “Buttercup” 12-inch in the image above, it was also on his 2005 debut album as well as a Raw Fusion compilation. I must thank Tigallo for putting me up on this one. Homie’s got a jazz ear too.

Every Wednesday I’ve always got more treats to share.


2 Replies to “Refuge #11: Giving you something with jazz”

  1. Sasha

    I threatened to come last Wednesday, but I let the hawk in the air keep me in….Tonight I dance…move out the way hawk!

  2. FrankTalkDC

    I think it’d be cold as hell. Cold meaning dope.
    That Lonnie Smith is choice. “Move Your Hand” is a nice slice of jazzfatnastiness as well.

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