Refuge #13 recap, Tamara Wellons sits in this week

My regulars held me down last week and we had a nice little session. The choicest bits below:

The Clonious – “One At A Time” feat. Musinah

Full disclosure, when this first came out, I kinda ignored it despite its release on one of my favorite labels. It was a collaboration between Muhsinah and another talented, up and coming RBMA attendee from Austria, and maybe I was hating a little inside because of all the times RBMA rejected me. DJ Stylus is human and has his faults. Thanks to DJ Brainchild, I got a second chance to fall into one of the most breathtaking tunes I’ve heard in recent memory.

This song sounds like what I imagine Na’vi sex feels like.

I love Muhsinah like cooked food and fancy beer. I won’t let my petty ego issues stand in the way of our love ever again. Much props to The Clonious too. I shook off the shame and bought both of his projects immediately.

Dianne Reeves & Grant Green – “Down Here On The Ground” (Ummah Remix)

The New Groove was several years ahead of the rush of legendary labels seeking to monetize their back catalogs through remix projects. I used to wear this cassette out.

Burnier & Cartier – “Mirandolina”

Que bonito!

Refuge makes me smile when someone is minding their business, I throw on a tune and they’re compelled to get out of their seat and groove in their own little world. Then they come to me and I can tell them the name of their new favorite song. I have to give props to DJ Day for getting me hip to this one.

Tam-Rock is re-launching her website and celebrating at Refuge this week. Join us this Wednesday! There will be girly stuff, like make-up giveaways and martinis and such. Considering my fanbase, this doesn’t bother me at all. She’s going to sing a few songs and give away some music too.


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