DJ gear nerdery

Ladies & gentleman, gear whores and tech geeks… DJ Roger Troutman on the mix COMEONKICKIT!

Well, if he were white and used software and decks instead of a talkbox. Damn I miss that dude.


I’m coming in late on this one but lots of folks in the comments are clowning his skills on the cut. I think his chops are secondary to the creative possibilities. And for those I give this cat abundant props.

And now, a boon to anyone who will soon be looking to buy used turntables on the secondhand market:

I’m still adding to my collection but vinyl really is in death gurgle mode. The long goodbye is an emotional one.

And now a question to partygoers, might you be hyper-stimulated by a dj cutting it up on the decks and on a video screen simultaneously?

2 Replies to “DJ gear nerdery”

  1. book

    wow….i’m still amazed at what ‘regular’ serato can do…….this is waaaaay tooo much for me son…..i just want to play songs and be able to actually look at the crowd……lolol

  2. bookman…

    maybe you should just get retro-futuristic with it.

    bammas won’t be able to see you, son!!

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