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Maybe there’s hope for the youngsters

Just now getting hip to Nyle.

Nyle “Let The Beat Build” from Nyle on Vimeo.

Reminds me of jumping into the U Street scene with my peers 15 years ago, with all that earnestness and heart combined with raw talent. But now the yoots have a 21st century grasp of leveraging new media.

It’s crazy to see kids venerating what I was living when I was their age.

But it’s also a much needed cynicism check. Makes me feel like the old uncle at the barbecue smiling warmly on the chirrens. Especially when I usually want to shake all the Metro youngins walking around like this.

As my age cohort passes into veteran status, I’ve known kids like this in DC (who are all growed up now) but I didn’t know where else they existed.

I sound like I should start shopping for a rocking chair.

2 Replies to “Maybe there’s hope for the youngsters”

  1. great post. thanks for putting me on to nyle.

    chris stylez is pretty dope too. i saw him in lincoln center a while back. he does his thing. he reminded me of john moon for some reason.

  2. Yup. Mouse around in the post and you’ll see linkage.

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