Refuge #2: The gathering

A core group of music heads and long time supporters (I really love and appreciate y’all) assembled on the late end. Early adopters know what’s up. Saw a few new faces too. I’m digging the socializing vibe. Sometimes a party doesn’t have to be about megawatt energy. And I love folks who will just get up and dance to their song even if no one else does, just because it’s their song. These are my kind of people.

Vibe Conductor Pick:

Hawthorne Headhunters – “She Wanna”

Singing, rapping, banging out them beats… Black Spade is on it. And he’s one of those cats who has so much stuff going on that he creates new names under which to do it all. Please get familiar, and then check Black Sp-, or rather Stoney Rock‘s new group Hawthorne Headhunters.

Peoples’ Pick:

Erykah Badu and Rahzel – “Southern Gul”

Could also be included in the “Songs That DJs Should Play More Often” category.

Nostalgia Pick:

Rebbie Jackson – “Centipede”

I was pretty much only aiming to elicit a squeal from ThePBG, although she wasn’t the only one who appreciated it.

Digging In The Crates Pick:

Chuckii Booker – “(Don’t U Know) I Love U”

When my iPod throws this joint at me on shuffle, I turn into one of those weirdos on the Metro singing LOUD AS HELL in my own little world.


Next week: an album listening party and special giveaways. Stay tuned.


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