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Refuge #18: Heavy rotation

If you were to approach me on the Metro during my daily commute recently and ask me what was playing on my iPod, these tracks would figure prominently. I shared a bunch at Refuge last week.

Shafiq Husayn – “Nirvana”

The drawback of dealing with a huge backlog of good music is that I often take a long time to get around to listening to some of the hottest shit. I picked up Shafiq’s solo project months after everyone had already been raving about it. Even if you followed all of Sa-Ra‘s work closely, it would be hard to prepare for the experience of hearing Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka for the first time. It’s a cosmic afro-space sonic landscape.

RJD2 – “Games You Can Win” (Feat. Kenna)

See the Shafiq comments. I sat on RJD2’s latest for a long time too but great sounds don’t have expiration dates. The Colossus is a fascinating listen. This Kenna joint is dope but not even in my top three tracks on the album. You should check it out for yourselves.

Trus’me feat. Amp Fiddler – “Can We Pretend”

Great dancefloor flip of a Bill Withers classic from this Brit DJ/producer with a hot hand in the game right now. Catch him in DC on March 20 as part of the Forward Festival.

Reggie B & Miles Bonny – “Doin Our Thang”

I initially wasn’t sold on the vocals and writing but this joint has an irresistible bop to it. Sometimes the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. You agreed too, as many of you asked me about this tune.

Spring’s here. You should stop by.


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