Daylight: the Rhomiepalooza edition, Sun 8/19

Every time I consider ending the Rhomiepalooza franchise I’m vetoed by the people. Ultimately it’s not about me. Well, maybe it is in some small way because the focus is on having one night where myself and my crew can play the way we want without the compromises we have to negotiate in our regular gigs. Rhomiepalooza is like DJ therapy.

There aren’t too many spaces in town where you can bring together all of the elements that are conducive to such therapy so when Big Tone extended the invitation to rock at Daylight it was a no-brainer.

Daylight is the best “old school” party in the city but that description is inadequate. We’re not talking about “Outstanding” into “Before I Let Go” into “All Night Long”. We’re talking about the overlooked corners of soul, disco, funk and dance music. Folks who come to sweat and get down. Singing lyrics to L.T.D. album cuts, Stevie Wonder covers and New York loft classics. Smiling and greeting people like family. These are folks who care about music, aren’t too self-conscious to have a good time and trust in their DJ’s. My kind of people.

Also to be celebrated this weekend is Tami & Patrick’s 5th wedding anniversary.

Tami & Patrick @ the D2 wedding

Word to black love.

Daylight: the Rhomiepalooza edition
Sunday August 19, 4 p.m. – 10 or even 11, depends on y’all
Daylight residents DJ Divine and DJ Bill Source on the wheels for bulk of the evening
Soul Ceez from 6 – 8pm
Liv (upper level, Bohemian Caverns)
2003 11th St. NW WDC

and a small cover charge of $5 gets you access to a homemade soul food spread courtesy of Nichelle Johnson.

Daylight @ Bohemian Caverns