Refuge #7: Do you know these records?

In case you missed Refuge last week, please add these to your personal rotation. You’ll be a much happier individual.

Nuspirit Helsinki – “Silent Steps”


I can’t believe it’s going on eight years since I first got hip to the wave of future hybrid jazzy soul that was rolling out of Scandinavia. The Gothenburg scene was popping in Sweden. Copenhagen was kragenoff. Even Finland was getting it in. The first Nuspirit Helsinki album is so mandatory. It’s held up really well over time.

Mica Paris – “I Should’ve Known Better”


The B-side wins again, which is why I posted the 12-inch label instead of an album cover displaying this luscious singer. Remember when the flip side of every single contained an exciting new adventure? This tune dropped in 1990 but was never officially released on an album until 1998. By then it was a well-established classic. I feel like I can never be a big enough stan for black Brit soul. Did y’all know Mica dropped a new record this year? Honey had the scoop on that this summer.

J. Rawls – “Hebejeebees”


Sometimes I feel like the Liquid Crystal Project jazz albums by this Ohio producer best known for his hip-hop work with Lone Catalysts are some sort of well-guarded secret. If that’s the case, they’re a secret I’d rather share.

Antonio Adolfo – “Cascavel”


I would have missed out on this tasty slice of funky Brazilian fusion jazz if it weren’t for Gilles Peterson. Compilations are your friends.

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