Refuge #17: Lost classics

We had a bit of fun in the wayback machine last week. Dropped some old beloved pop jams then played “stump the fam” with joints I used to love that I guessed they wouldn’t be able to identify.

Nona Hendryx – “Why Should I Cry?”

No, not Chaka or Vesta but one-third of LaBelle. Big shouts to ThePBG for getting it right, singing along AND doing her dance. This used to go hard. Word to Jellybean Johnson.

Sherrick – “Just Call”

I won with this one. Folks guessed Loose Ends and that actually makes sense stylistically. Sherrick only had one hit other than this one and sadly passed away in 1999. I’m bringing this tune back though.

Five Star – “Let Me Be The One”

Part of a double play, I dropped “All Fall Down” too. UK stand up. This was just for funsies. If folks didn’t know Five Star I would have had to put them on punishment.

I wasn’t in retro mode all night of course. Right now I’m stanning hard for the homie Ty’s new project, so expect a lot excitement generated about it in this space. Again, UK represent.

Ty – “Emotions”

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