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DC listening party for Mark de Clive-Lowe’s “Renegades” LP, Thurs. 11/17

Get acquainted with the new menu and carefully curated cocktail list at Blackbyrd Warehouse, listen to the new Mark de Clive-Lowe album released on Nov. 15 then follow up with DJ Stylus – The Vibe Conductor selecting a set of choice bits from MdCL’s catalog as well as related contemporaries and collaborations.

Thursday Nov. 17
no cover
Blackbyrd Warehouse
2005 14th St NW WDC

Mark de Clive-Lowe may just be the most significant modern talent bridging the worlds of jazz, soul and electronica.

During his decade long stint as an emigrated New Zealander in London, he was one of the driving forces of the broken beat and nu-jazz scenes. Since departing London for Los Angeles, his pace of productions, remixes and touring has only increased. When not creating studio magic with Lady Alma, Sy Smith or Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, he continues to push the boundaries of his already mind-blowing live shows that combine sharp jazz chops on keyboards with live production wizardry employing synths and samplers.

The overall sound of his new album Renegades hinges on club cuts flavoured with soul, funk, tech-Afrobeat and Latin twists topped with fine, organic songwriting; all orchestrated by MdCL showcasing his ability to meld the science of beat-making with musicianship. He sums up the approach: “My whole thing with this kind of production is balancing electronics and programming with organic and live musicianship. I love for that line to be blurred almost to the point where you don’t know which is which.”

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