The Encoding Project: Chaka Khan featuring MJB “DisRespectful (Q’s Shelter Vocal)”

Chaka Khan featuring MJB - DisRespectful (Shelter mix)

I’ve been very slowly digitizing my vinyl, as have many of my peers. But rather than a bulk slog through my whole collection, I encode rare, key pieces. Here are a few of them.

Chaka and Mary

Chaka Khan featuring MJB - DisRespectful (Shelter mix)THIS POST IS FOR HOUSE HEADS ONLY. Or those who aspire to be. Or who are curious about the cult(ure) of deep house music.

Chaka Khan and Mary J. Blige dropped a really strong collaboration on Chaka’s 2007 album Funk This… that I TOTALLY missed. DJ fail. *sad trombone*

So instead of the banging (and Grammy winning) Rich Harrison meets Motown vibe of the original, I was introduced to “Disrespectful” via one of Sam “The Man” Burns’ DJ sets. For those who don’t know this legend, he’s the Moses of house in DC.

It wasn’t until this year that I was able to score a copy of the record, as those Shelter bootlegs would hit the shelves and vanish instantly. If you have any, keep ’em. I won’t be parting with mine. If my man Meistro hadn’t dropped it in a set one night, I may not have resumed the hunt. came through in the clutch again.

In the hands of master remixer Quentin Harris, “DisRespectful” takes its place among some of his most soaring Shelter anthems. And the dude Quentin has banged out quite a few monsters. Like this one. And this one.

But Quentin’s “DisRespectful” flip? Play that in the right moment and I might snatch a wig off an adversary and then Leyomi drop in triumph.

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