I love this woman

This video was on a promo cd I got from her a few years ago. Glad that it made its way to the internets. It’s funny how things come back around. King mentions Sylk City in the vid and last year he brought it back and I hear that they go hard again like the old days.

I damn near had a spiritual moment the last time she rocked in DC. Her command of her band, her material and her voice… I really felt like I was witnessing something akin to what our parents experienced watching Chaka, Tina or Gladys in their primes. Part of it is that Alma affirms that the musical traditions we cherish are being maintained, developed and pushed forward.

When Alma sings you just feel HAPPY. Maybe it’s because she’s so happy. Even if she just jumps up in the middle of a P.A. to belt out a couple with the DJ, she’s FEELING it. Her joy is contagious, virulent even. It’s like she has jumper cables for your soul.

Sometimes I get antsy waiting for the egregiously overdue solo album but there are still a bunch of her collabos floating around that I have yet to acquire and there are always new ones popping up out of nowhere. (Jungle Love? Word?!?)

BTW, if you missed Twilight when it dropped, please get caught up.


The Mashi jont particularly… yikes.

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  1. Already!

    Man it’s hard not to love Lady Alma. The first time I heard Hold It Down it was over!

  2. […] 2000 Black feat. Lady Alma – Move Over [listen/purchase (full album only): Dusty Groove | Juno ] I’d been waiting a long time A Next Set A Rockers. It’s an obsession built from years of tracking down rare Kaidi Tatham and Dego 12-inches on GEMM. Several of these brain popping slices of wax made their way onto the album, its arrival announced by a smash choon called “So Right” which couldn’t have had a better title. But it was “Move Over” that ended up hogging entire tables worth of playlist space on my Last.fm page. Where Lady Alma usually belts out the jams and preserves her sweet voice for ballads, she coos all over this driving broken beat workout, balancing the frenetic production with a silky vocal. How much do I have to shout to the world that I deeply love this woman? […]

  3. I’ve known her work for a while, but have never seen Lady Alma in person. Clearly, I’ve been missing out. Thanks for sharing this video.

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