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Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff REUNITED!!

Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff reunite… from MickBoogie on Vimeo.

Fortunately a real hip-hopper was on hand among the Hollywood stiffs to bear witness and capture the moment. Sure is nice when you can land gigs like that.

So I need to buy my ticket now.

Right now.

Will notes that the tour will be all classic material with nothing new. Now I know Will is one of the biggest actors on the planet and the rap game is quite a different animal but I think that if Will got back with Jeff, stopped giving a damn about fitting in with what cats are doing now and just focused on the fun and chemistry him and Jeff still have, they could make a decent record. I believe ?uestlove had some brief discussions with him about collaborating. A bootcamp with Jeff and a lot of the underground talents he keeps around him could get Will back in fighting shape quickly. No ghostwriters, no hot producers of the moment, just back to basics. Maybe being an intergalactic megastar has extinguished the type of energy a hungry emcee has to draw from but he’s Will Smith, he doesn’t have anything to prove. He doesn’t have to worry about sales. He really could approach it from a purist perspective.

Wishful thinking? An old head’s desperate self-delusion?

I just hope the Scientology thing isn’t true.

2 Replies to “Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff REUNITED!!”

  1. Hell yes. Thanks for posting this. I’m loving this video. Big up to Mick Boogie for posting it. But who’s asshole do I have to lick to land a gig like that??? Jeez LafuckingWeez…

  2. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m just now starting to realize that Mick Boogie is a Big Fucking Deal.

    I think I missed his career blowing up because I completely ignored what was going on in mixtape culture.

    Seems like you hustle about as hard as he does though. I’m taking notes from both of you.

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