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The Pilgrimage

After funneling huge chunks of my income to Dusty Groove for years, I finally had a chance to visit them in person. I’ve been to bigger spots and have had transcendent digging experiences elsewhere but I’ve not had a more significant, extended relationship with any shop outside of DC than Dusty Groove. They put an enormous amount of care into their stock and that discerning hand is prominently reflected in my collection. For this trip, I had to really blind myself to the beckoning shelves of enticing re-issues and left field jazz and soul bits from around the world. I could order all that stuff online from them like I usually do. If I was going to be there in person I had to focus on things that I’d miss if I weren’t putting my fingers through the bins. And I also had to grab a few instant gratification joints that I might not see again for a while.

IG Culture presents Zen Badizm (CD) [Another one that I had to find out about from Jahsonic.]

Beady Belle – Belvedere (CD) [This group CAN DO NO WRONG with me. I’ve been a stan since 2001 and they’re completely incapable of making anything that isn’t stunning. What I love about them is that every album is a unique experience that touches different styles from the others. You really never know what you’re going to hear every time they drop a new record. Most of my favorite artists share this same characteristic. So many fans want their favorite groups to re-hash the stuff they love best. I prefer a gift-wrapped surprise package.]

D’Angelo – Live At the Jazz Cafe, London (CD) [More Japanese import action.]

Zo! & Tigallo – Love the 80’s EP (CD) [Y’all know what it is. And these joints are selling out everywhere too.]

Carmen McRae – You’re Lookin’ At Me: A Collection of Nat King Cole Songs (LP) [Sometimes they just jump out at you from the dollar bin.]

De La Soul – Buddy & Ghetto Thang (12″) [Don’t see that picture cover too often. Might just frame this one for wall display]

Def Jef – Droppin’ Rhymes On Drums (12″) [Etta James + dancers in bleached denim + fast rap = mandatory vid embed]

K9 Posse – Ain’t Nothin’ To It (12″) [YESSS!!! I was on a hot streak. Word to Vernon.]

Phase N’ Rhythm – Swollen Pockets/Hook-N-Sling (12″) [I knew I could finish my odyssey at this point. I’d been looking for this for a long time. Wasn’t cheap either, but worth it. It’s out of print and I caught a promo. R.I.P. Paul C.!]

6 Replies to “The Pilgrimage”

  1. Damnnn…”Swollen Pockets.” Now that is a rare joint. I used to love that song. I need to take that pilgrimage to Dusty Groove someday too.

  2. I got my De La Soul – Buddy & Ghetto Thang (12″) earlier this year from that random recording studio/ record store on Georgia Avenue….near Howard. They had all kinds of classic old school 12s sitting there and ok prices. You know that spot?

  3. Georgia Ave spot… I’m not hip.

    Is it where Eargasm used to be?

  4. Well, it’s called “Listen Vision” and it’s located at 2622 Georgia Ave. between Euclid and Fairmont on the west side on Georgia Ave…….it’s not on the ground level so you’ve gotta go up some exposed stairs on the outside to get in.

  5. Wow… that’s DJ Boom’s spot. I haven’t connected with him in years. Musik Fiendz fam. He used to be out east over on Florida Ave. Didn’t know they had a shop either.

  6. Don’t leave that D’Angelo joint around me.

    NICE haul. I would love to go there myself someday.

    I feel what you’re sayin about wanting a surprise package. Preach!

    Off to discover Beady Belle.

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