What the hell happened last night?

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar is no longer a secret. Spot was full by 10pm. Jammed by 11pm with a line outside. I rocked them bammas, but I had to retool my approach to play peak time intensity at 11:30 rather than 1am. Mark the owner was looking at the room, then looking at me like “could you go ahead and crush these fools already?”

The chorus of supporters all say “why weren’t you recording?”

My recorder is kinda funny style these days. The cash register was working overtime last night so maybe I’ll go buy a new one. “Cha-ching!!”

In lieu of what would have been a dope podcast, here’s a setlist, if only for the folks who were asking me about tunes I couldn’t remember playing. Must have been “The Awesomeness” at work. I somehow ended up with more peach whiskey slurpees than I intended.

[setlist: DJ Stylus at Little Miss Whiskey’s, 1/23/10]

2 Replies to “What the hell happened last night?”

  1. nzinga

    Um. Yeah. SICK with it.

  2. This setlist wins.

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