The Encoding Project: Os Tincoãs (1973)

I’ve been very slowly digitizing my vinyl, as have many of my peers. But rather than a bulk slog through my whole collection, I encode rare, key pieces. Here are a few of them.

Os Tincoãs

I finally came up on this album on GEMM after preparation for a trip to Brazil brought their work to my ears. (full story here)

The year is noted in the title because Os Tincoãs have two self-titled albums. This one is the first of those two, and the second in their overall discography.

Os Tincoãs’ 1973 album was a landmark project in that the young Bahian singers chose to record songs derived from distinctly Afro-Brazilian Candomblé rituals and samba de roda rhythms, a far cry from the popular boleros they recorded on their first album in 1961.

There are few artists for whom I am a completist, driven to acquire every project in their career. It’s not the rarity of their modest ’70s and ’80s output that compels me to seek them out, but the tenderness of the vocal performances, the moving harmonies and the greater cultural significance they have to a beautiful part of Brazil, particularly their hometown of Cachoeira.

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