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Contemplating expat status

Hat tip to the homie Ty for the laink:

And on the heels of this topic, be sure to peep the funky and creative exchange between the DJ and the guitarist near the end of the tune. I will definitely be biting.

Again it’s confirmed why folks I know do so well in France. Real black music thrives there, jazz and particularly hip-hop. They’ve already produced some of the world’s best b-boys.

Of course it’s definitely not all good but it comes pretty close to a bizarro version of the U.S. black musical landscape, which would be a place where quality artists actually blow up.

Dill and Jill both knew.

And even when it was much worse across the way, it looked more attractive then trying to outrun the Klan in your tourbus through the Jim Crow south, avoiding fiscal rape at the hands of record companies (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose) or the best gigs being those where your people weren’t welcome as patrons.

The grass is always greener, I guess.

But this shit is dope. And damn it if isn’t exactly what I envisioned a DJ Stylus solo project would look and sound like.

6 Replies to “Contemplating expat status”

  1. Hot damn if that Omar & Hocus Pocus performance wasn’t the best thing I’ve seen all week. That woulda gotten absolutely no play in the US on TV…unless the rapper was Lil Wayne and the lip-syncher Usher. Sigh. It’s no secret that when it comes to appreciating soul music, Europe > United States.

    And you can always do like Kanye would and appropriate the video for “Mr. Tout Le Monde” for your purposes with some minor changes. Just change the chairs to red, black and green to rep the struggle.

  2. Word!
    This hocuspocus cat is pretty dope.. and ofcourse my man Omar NEVER gets old.

  3. DJStylus

    Oh, my London fam keeps me up to date about Boris.

  4. Ya’ll played the Omar video to death! It’s all messed up. I’m mad too because I traveled four hours to see him so I know I would have enjoyed.

    I really look forward to traveling to Paris…and to London for that matter and learning more about the music scene there. I confess to not knowing enough. Not good. I gotta count on my favorite resident Mr. DJ to keep me in the know.

  5. tank

    i’ll marry you. or do you have legality from your wandering youf days?

    london is still the shittest city on earth tho. :/

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