Never Can Say Goodbye

Not just a perfectly crafted and executed song, but a real sentiment for all of us born in the ’70s. Even as we watched him deteriorate before our eyes – physically and spiritually – we just figured one day he’d turn into a swirl of dust and vanish like in the vid for “Remember The Time.”


I don’t yet have the words but my virtual and real worlds are populated with those who speak for me.

Michael Jackson And The Five Stages of Grief – Thembi

My Hero Ain’t Molest Them Bitch Ass Kids: Phonte’s teary-eyed tribute to The King – Phonte Coleman

For Michael – Bassey Ikpi

In Memoriam Part 2: Michael Jackson – Long Live The King – Scorpeze of Windimoto

MJ R.I.P. – Hua Hsu, The Atlantic

Gone Too Soon – nOva,

I Can’t Help It – Harlem,

We Love You, Michael, Always. – Ill Mami,

All I could do yesterday when I finally broke away from the Twitter wake was head to the designated gathering spot for times when things of black import go down (U Street) and try to process with friends.

Shortly after, the real obsession began. I greeted the sun this morning without sleep, having spent the entire night whipping my Michael Jackson discography into shape. I did the same for James Brown, for Dilla. As we are essentially musical evangelists, it’s a DJ’s sacred duty in times like these to canonize our musical heroes output and feed it back to the faithful in a way that maximizes the boost to the spirit.

We’re going to be ministering to the flock for a long time on this one. Please do it with verve, creativity and an avoidance of cliche. So many of our icons are plagued by personal demons, the way to balance it out is to expose as much of the beauty as possible. And since Michael’s catalog is so deep, there’s epic beauty beyond the obvious hits.

I’ll have to return to this, it’s just too much to absorb now. Download these, then holla at me and the homie Jahsonic at Marvin on Monday.

6/25/09 – Soul Controllers & LSP remember the King of Pop on Decipher
(89.3 FM WPFW, Washington DC)

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