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Free Man in Paris

Vinia Mojica

Shoutout to the homie Kokayi who just got back from rocking Paris with Pharoahe Monch and Jean Grae, ably assisted by DC fam Zo!, Jon Laine, Ezra, naturalaw-dp, and Quartermaine.

Seems like a fitting time to share a rare joint I often reach for when on my Kokayi stannery soapbox.

This live recording of Joni Mitchell’s “Free Man In Paris” features Vinia Mojica and Kokayi, when the latter was touring and recording with Andy Milne.

Yes, that Vinia. The “Saturdays/Verses From the Abstract/Climb” Vinia. The original Native Tongue vocal sweetheart Vinia.



Koke did an album for her that never saw the light of day. I wish I could have caught those rare gigs they did together.

Oh well.

And now, the O.G., because it’s amazeballs. Word to Jaco Pastorius.

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