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DJ Hut is back!!

The news of their fire made me ill. I literally couldn’t go by that block after it happened, it upset me too much. The mental imagery of thousands of melted records was like a nightmare. Made me feel like this:

The fam is back in the saddle again and this is great news for DC’s DJ community. DJ Hut is like a barber shop for DJ’s. You stop by to handle business but you also get to reconnect with all of your brethren from different corners of the scene, working DJs and bedroom DJs alike. Sam telling stories, playing classic blaxploitation flicks on the tv, James and Chris pulling joints off the wall that they know fit your style. I’ve been going to this store for almost 15 years (when it was 12-inch Dance Records), back when I was a young green DJ just getting my skills together. We all have lots of memories:

I remember buying records at 12-inch in 1995 when I was a sophomore in college. I’d be excited to spend my last few bucks on doubles of “1,2 Pass It” and “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers”. Then I’d be hungry.

I remember trying to collect all of those Nervous party records from 12-inch… Bozo Meko and Brooklyn Slumlordz and all those.

I remember the last of the under $5 12-inches.

I met Afrika Bambaataa for the first time at The Hut.

I sold a bunch of mix cd’s on consignment at The Hut.

I remember consistently dropping $200 a pop and up at The Hut.

Welcome back fellas! I hope this new vinyl/digital hybrid business plan is a smash success!

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