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Record Store Day

Record Store Day

I told Aunt Viv that it was going to be egregious. And it was, although it could have been worse. I got a late start and didn’t get to hit up Red Onion or CD Warehouse.

But it was a lovely day. I had just given Stealth a spring overhaul and was prepared to 2-wheel it across the city, filling my bag with an afternoon of digging and running errands.

Som was the first stop. The dollar bins were on fire, cuz!!!! Here’s the haul:

Wayne Davis – A View From Another Place (LP)
James Moody – Beyond This World (LP)
War – Platinum Jazz (LP)
Shannon – Let The Music Play (LP)
Narada Michael Walden – Victory (LP)
Glenn Jones – Finesse (LP)
Alexander O’Neal – Alexander O’Neal (LP)
The Kartoon Krew – Inspector Gadget (12″)
The Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder/Sugar Hill Groove (12″)
Chubb Rock – The Chubbster (12″) f*** around and pull a hamstring off this jont… this single was jam packed with remixes!

DJ Hut was next. They’ve been going hard since their triumphant return, stocking a bigger variety of interesting bits as well as more dj equipment and accessories. I came away with some heavy bangers.

The Greatest Hits of GAMM (CD)
J-Dilla – Jay Love Japan (CD)
GOOD GOD! Heavy Funk Covers of James Brown From All Over The World 1968 – 1974 (CD)
The RebirthLove Issue (12″) let the stannery continue!!!
Alexander O’Neal feat. Bianca Lindgren – Saturday Love remixes (12″) cruuuucial!!!
Amerie – That’s What U R, DJ Leo & Guy Robin House rmx (12″)
Piranhahead & Diviniti – Music (12″)
Yam Who? – Wanna Make Luv 2 Ya/Buzz Reaction (12″)
Tony Allen – Kilode Reworks by Waajeed (12″)

I was running out of time by this point (late for a date!) but I had to dip in to Melody. They had huge bins of freebies and deep discounts but I didn’t have time to dig. They’re usually my source for DVD crack when I want to support the home team instead of the chain stores. Sadly, they didn’t have the Celia Cruz jont that’s at the top of my list now (bammas was CRANKIN’). I still came up on some staples.

Marvin Gaye – Live in ’76 (DVD)
Erykah Badu – New Amerykah (CD)
Pete Rock – NY’s Finest (CD)

2 Replies to “Record Store Day”

  1. Heyyyy…I’m only “Aunt Viv” when I’m cutting up. She’s my inner Sasha.

    Glad you posted this. Was curious about what folx racked up at Record Store day which I missed out on as I was out of town. Probably a good thing.

    Knew you would get some great stuff. I’m looking at that Dilla, Marvin, SHG, Alexander O’Neal and Amerie joints in particular. Badu goes without saying.

  2. Vivian Green – Fanatic remix (J-Dilla/Scott Storch)
    Jemini the Gifted One – Funk Soul Sensation/Brooklyn Kids (wow!)
    Noreaga – Holiday Jumpoff II (Red & Green colored vinyl)
    Something For The People – All I Do (J-Dilla remix)
    Norman Connors – You Are My Starship
    John Legend – So High (Cloud 9 remix)

    only had a little time!!! Going back next week!

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