DJ Hut: newest recession victim

Yeah Chris and PJ, I feel you.

I got the email too.

DJ Hut friends and customers,

We have some sad and disappointing news to share with you. DJ Hut can no longer battle the dual headwind of the demise of the music retail industry and the economic downturn. As a result, we are forced to shut down the store and go strictly online at the end of April. Effective immediately, all vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and books will be liquidated at the rate of 20% off the regular price.

We would like to thank you for your support over the last 7 years at the store and we look forward to your continued support online.

DJ Hut Crew

So many of my formative years as a DJ, and later my sense of community in the DC music scene were wrapped up in that place. The last time I reminisced on it, they were recovering from a fire.

We could all probably see this one coming with the way things are now but it’s still a huge blow. It also delineates some interesting market trends, as other stores that cater less to DJ’s/artists and more to niche collector types continue to do well, or at least okay. I’ve still got those long overdue posts about DJ’ing in the digital age to write.


Farewell to The Hut/12-inch and thanks for the memories.


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  1. its the rent…

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