Welcome to D.C.

Feeling a rush of hometown pride lately. About to take the 9:30 Club stage with my fam and an all DC lineup in a couple weeks. Caught this vid of Raheem on the red carpet at the Grammys. And been spending time catching up with Mambo Sauce (be sure to listen to “Letter to Go-Go”).

I am ashamed but also grown enough to admit that I slept on them for a minute. I’d heard good things about them but I don’t interface with many youngsters these days and hardly ever listen to the radio so the groundswell of support they’ve been amassing was late in reaching my old ears. I might actually have to get down to P.A. Palace to make sure I stay current.

I’d also heard them dismissed as “pop” but my verdict is that these bammas crank, joe. They’re polished but still aggressive. I dig the rapping dude and the vocalist, and the cutie pie female drummer, and the fact that the members have put in work with some of the most important bands in the city (NEG, Suttle and more). Call it corny if you must but I dig the POSITIVITY. I dig that the kids like them. I’m probably most pleased with the musicianship.

This jont is like Linkin Park playing go-go.

I’m no A&R but my instincts tell me that a national audience might eat this up.

Stop taking us lightly.

2 Replies to “Welcome to D.C.”

  1. rhonda

    THIS was the song I was trying to tell you about. I heard it on the radio every three minutes when Ku was in town. It alternated with “Phatty,” and as contrast, was even more appreciated.

    Aww, look at you diggin’ positivity and stuff.

  2. DJStylus

    re: radio, if it ain’t NPR or WPFW, you know how I do!

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