Nicholas Ryan Gant – Hittin’ Switches mixtape


Some months after I first felt moved to spread the word about Nicholas Ryan Gant, he asked me to add some flourishes to a mixtape project he was working on with a west coast hip-hop theme.

It was probably just in time because homie’s becoming a hot property along with the talented company he keeps. You’ll find a few rising nu-soul favorites in the tracklisting below along with some familiar names.

This project also marks the milestone of 50 mixes now available for download on (w00t!)

And even though Nick might not find it as amusing as I do, I’m posting the gag cover that was replaced by the official cover above. Maybe he can be convinced that it’s a good look.


There’s an unmixed version for DJ’s and iPod shufflers. Otherwise, enjoy it mixtape style, where mixing actually takes place, which is not guaranteed in this modern lazily assembled compilation mixtape era.

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1.Hittin Switches intro
3.Good Thing
4.Incantory Tranquility ft. Labtekwon
5.Make It Right
6.Ode to Nate Dogg
7.Miss the light
8.My Switch ft. Muhsinah
9.Livin Life ft. Queen Godis
10.I Ain’t Ready ft. Amma
11.West Coast Connect
12.I’m Willin’
13.Gangsta Defined ft. Bilal Salaam
14.Unknown ft. Jesse Boykins III
15.Do What You Want
16.Don’t Call Me
17.The Past Outro

21 Replies to “Nicholas Ryan Gant – Hittin’ Switches mixtape”

  1. Nick, ur so dope! I love u! Don’t ever change!

  2. Boo you already know this is fly. I love my en-er-gy (NRG)!

  3. marcie gant

    Nick this is another facet of your creative genius .Love Forever Mom

  4. The FLY lil SIS

    So…My brother is the most amazing and odds defying Artist out here… the W E S T C O A S T Lives…cause he is ressurecting it one note at a time…Im lovin this…Lovin him…and can’t wait till the west of the so-called music/entertainment heads get hip to this…cause Nick stay “HITTIN SWITCHES”…WEST UP!!!

  5. VaNatta

    LOVES it brother!!!!!! KEEEP making the FIIIIIIIIIIRE…

  6. Fulvia

    This ROOOOCKS!!!! I didn’t know all this facets of your talent!!!
    I hear a great variety of styles and songs! Plus they are all supercatchy and original. Nicholas Ryan Gant, NRG you goooo!!
    you are the best!!

  7. Man, this is a banger. U know I’m all over this Cali swag! Keep doing your thing, homie.


  8. […] Nicholas Ryan Gant is one to watch and after hearing his new mixtape, “Hittin Switches” mixed by DJ Stylus featuring Muhsinah, Bilal Salaam and Jesse Boykins III, you’ll understand why. You’ve got a choice of mixed or unmixed. To download it, head over to the mixologist, DJ Stylus. […]

  9. soulfyne

    dope mixtape, i’m rockin’ with it!

  10. TK

    Dude youre goin places lol jk Your an amazing artist and the world deserves to bear witness to your heart! MUSIC IS THE DEFINITION OF LOVE and your work embodies that bro! Stay blessed!

  11. connor woods

    wow. so good. i never doubted it, but damn. best voice in the universe.

    much love!

  12. Kayan James

    This was absolutely wonderful Nic. I would definitely play it in my house for my friends to warm the place up and get everyone vibing. I love it!!!!! And you sound very wonderful!!!!
    Keep being wonderful and blessed my lovely!!! 🙂
    I still remember when you sang for us. Very beautiful!!!
    Take care!
    And thank you!

  13. NIC! You’re Dope man. You already know how i feel about this, I’ve been bumping this reall hard for months! lol … Keep it up man! you are great and your music is wonderful. You are a major inspiration to me sir! Love you man!

  14. Keanna


  15. mad dope!!!! this definitely needs to be spread around!

  16. Defi Logik

    so so so fresh vato!!!

  17. *Beka515

    teacher!…I LOVE IT!! The West Coast feel is sooo right!!! and you are a BEAST!! this will be poppin on my IPOD on repeat!!! 😉

    keep it fresh!

  18. LOL…I SENT IT TWICE…send is better because I didnt realized it went through. “DONT WAIT ON NO ONE GET YOUR OWN..YOU…YOURSELF AND YOUR MICROPHONE…”


  19. Rachel

    One of the freshest and most innovative new artists I’ve heard lately. The world needs to hear this man!

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