DJ Stylus at Little Miss Whiskey’s, Fri 8/28

The folks behind Jimmy Valentine’s have a new spot on H St. and it’s pretty ill.

[photo: discipula277 ]

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar looks like Guns N Roses partying at Vampire Lestat’s house with Vanity 6 performing in the living room. I’m mostly digging the sound system, the beer selection, the dancefloor and the carte blanche card they’re giving the DJ’s to rock how they see fit. The lazy description would be a “hipster” or “rock” club, but the ownership is open and welcoming, and when I’ve been I’ve seen everything from full tattoo sleeves and lip piercings to polos and khakis to sneakers and fitteds. I’ll be playing accordingly.

DJ Stylus at Little Miss Whiskey’s
Friday, August 28, 2009
1104 H St. NE Washington, DC


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