Refuge #3: Body rockin’

We opened the night with a taste of the Anthony Valadez album. I hope everyone that took it home enjoys the sounds. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, this is your newest meditation/mood setting record, and more than a little bit suitable as the soundtrack for amorous pursuits. I’m just saying.

And here are some more of the treats I was eager to share.

Vibe Conductor Pick:

Zo! – “Somethin’ Special” feat. Yahzarah


The internets blew the hell up on Tuesday when the multi-instrumentalist of The Foreign Exchange, The Els, and Zo! & Tigallo dropped his Just Visiting Too… project FOR DE FREE. Zo! rounded up the artists you know and love on the Foreign Exchange imprint and covered a slate of jazzy soul classics.

Let’s rewind for a minute and revisit the original featuring Quincy Jones and the incomparable Patti Austin.

So folks were chillin’ and vibing… until they weren’t. Somehow a party broke out. I blame DJ Ten. And a set of soulful house jams anchored by…

Peoples’ Pick:

Quentin Harris & Monique Bingham – “Poor People”


Quentin Harris has long been a beast. And Monique Bingham has long been an object of my fanboy adoration. Put them together and you’ve got an anthem that people hear for the first time and swear that it’s always been their favorite song.

Nostalgia Pick:

Tara Kemp – “Hold You Tight”


Everyone remembers this song. No one remembers the name of the artist. That’s what I’m here for. Next time you see Vickey, ask her to show you her Tara Kemp dance. It’s awesome.

Digging In The Crates Pick:

Skyy – “High”


Sure wish I could link to an online purchase site for this one, I played a
vinyl re-issue. I definitely need to increase the rollerskating fonk quotient of this party.

Who are you going to tell about Refuge next week? Word of mouth is the best word.


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