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Refuge #5: Zo!’s unveiling

Zo!’s Secret Stash was like story hour back in kindergarten with similar anticipation and focused attention as Zo! revealed rare treats from his back catalog. It got so good to him that he previewed a few cuts from his solo album SunStorm. I guess he felt at ease since the rough mixes sounded pretty good on the club system. It reminded me that I’m not the only who has spent a lot of social time with my friends excitedly playing obscure tunes for each other. Thanks to DC heads who showed up to prove that this Refuge thing might work.

Here are some highlights of the set I rocked after Zo!’s show & tell time.

Vibe Conductor Pick:

Strange Fruit Project – “Fresh For Life” feat. Thesis


I’ve been following these guys since Soul Travelin’ when hearing hip-hop in this style out of Texas was rare. After a long hiatus as a group while beatmaker S1 racked up production credits, they’re serving up a new EP that forecasts good things for them in the near future. Check out the first video from the M.A.S.K. EP and a highlight from their last full-length project.

Peoples’ Pick:

Electric Wire Hustle – “Perception”


That classic Minnie Riperton sample made an appearance in week 1 and will never get old as long as it’s flipped properly. The music blogosphere can sometimes smother a new artist with adoration before they prove that they deserve the hype. In the case of Electric Wire Hustle, I’ll hop on the bandwagon with everyone else and not be ashamed. When Uncle Q led a stream of folks to the booth for a round of “Who’s that’s”, I knew this was the audience pick. This electronic/organic trio joins forward looking soul artists already representing New Zealand on the international stage like Mark de Clive-Lowe, Lanu and Fat Freddy’s Drop, to name but a few. Get like them.

Nostalgia Pick:

Mighty Ryeders – “Evil Vibrations”


Just occasionally reminding folks of songs that they know, but don’t know that they know.

Digging In The Crates Pick:

Loose Ends – “Don’t Be A Fool”


“Hangin’ On A String” was inescapable but I didn’t explore the rest of Loose End’s catalog until high school when I played my Look How Long tape until it crumbled into dust. Then I came up on the cd and wore the grooves out on that. If I had seen this performance when it aired I would have DIED.

Next week: Pre-Turkey Day Jam, house party style.


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