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DJ Stylus at Discothèque, Nat’l Postal Museum (Fri. 3/19)

The Smithsonian Francophonie festival is turning the National Postal Museum into a dance party. I’ll be opening for Make The Girl Dance. They do an electro-house-rock thing. Obviously, they’re French. I wonder if they’re bringing the jawns from the video.

Don’t know what I’ll do yet. Probably a Sol Power type set mixed with deep big room stuff. Won’t really know until I get there. Should be interesting and there will be quite a contrast. Not my target audience but I like to branch out.

There is an open bar too. And they sold out 800 tickets last year before the doors even opened.

Stylus: 9 – 11pm
Make The Girl Dance: 11pm – 1am
Metro: Union Station
Postal Museum, 2 Massachusetts Ave NE
Tickets: $30 or

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  1. slack jaw

    Them brawds would of made it 20 ft in DC…..before Prez Clinton and congress started to grope them…

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