Video: I Remember U – A Live Mixtape Experience

Chocolate City Rocks: I Remember U

In 1995 I saw the Freestyle Union for the first time on the campus of UMCP. Blown away by the combination of musicianship, agile emceeing and improvisation, I made my way down to U Street to discover more at their Kaffa House home. That began my immersion in a powerful arts scene that produced a legion of amazing D.C. artists, changed my life, and created a family to which I’m still connected.

During that time, I learned that what we were doing with our hip-hop, jazz, house music, reggae, go-go, soul and spoken word was preceded by the original stars of Black Broadway. That historical context gave our movement a greater sense of pride.

As part of Head-Roc’s Chocolate City Rocks series, a number of my peers came together to celebrate the era that groomed us into the artists we are today.

Produced by LiL SoSo Productions, I Remember U: A Live Mixtape Experience was performed September 14, 2014 on the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage and featured myself, POEM-CEES, Asheru, Ra Brown, Wes Felton, Dehejia Maat and Navasha Daya.

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