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Meditations on the ho stroll

The “ho stroll” being my personal terminology for the mainstream gigs I occasionally play. Despite the fact that the money is always better than any of my gigs where I can be creative and play good music, the ho stroll gigs are becoming increasingly difficult. The last few of them paid for my birthday trip […]

THIS is how you rock a hip-hop show

SHOWMANSHIP. Interplay. Creativity. No push button dj’ing with explosions and gun shots all over everything. No safety net (the only safety net being the ability to improvise when something goes wrong… and something ALWAYS goes wrong on stage). And I don’t mean a rap group with a turntablist who does his battle routine in the […]

DJ gear nerdery

Ladies & gentleman, gear whores and tech geeks… DJ Roger Troutman on the mix COMEONKICKIT! Well, if he were white and used software and decks instead of a talkbox. Damn I miss that dude. Anyway… I’m coming in late on this one but lots of folks in the comments are clowning his skills on the […]

DJing Is a Mental Game

While we’re talking shop with each other, we dj’s constantly kick around war stories and share tips. The best of us intimately understand the complex psychological tightrope walk that a successful party rocking experience entails. The skillset isn’t completed by technical ability and encyclopaedic musical knowledge. The third and possibly most crucial element to good […]