Refuge: a new Vibe Conductor residency, 10/21

People who hear me spin for the first time always have the same question:

“Where do you play regularly?”

This comes from a place of flattery, as it means they enjoyed my set, want to hear me again, and assume that any DJ that’s halfway decent automatically has a residency at a club somewhere.

But this question can be frustrating, because that assumption doesn’t coincide with the real world in which there are way too many DJs, too few progressive venues, too many politics, and gigs are dependent on connections and popular tastes rather than ability. I play out a lot, but other than the radio show, I haven’t had a residency since 2003.

After the Soul Controller 18th anniversary, an opportunity opened up at just the right time in the right space. The basement of Tabaq is intimate, warm, and equipped with a solid sound system. They were enthusiastic to have me and we’re going to give it a go with a concept I’m calling:


…a space for serious music heads and also a playground to break new records and unearth rare overlooked gems. Some selections will be nostalgic too, but not the same retro, “old school” records that get caned to death.

Every week I’ll create a narrative and then continue the conversation here at about what I’m playing, the moods I’m trying to create, and what you, my audience, is feeling.

With the runaway success of The Main Ingredient, I see this as a companion event that fills a complimentary musical niche and strengthens the Soul Controller brand.

I envision Refuge as a listening room that can escalate into a full-out jam if the energy goes that way. I won’t be compromising and I will be stretching out. I’m also looking forward to using this event to bring in guests doing some of the most interesting, forward thinking soulful music in the game right now. If you’ve enjoyed our past sessions with Taylor McFerrin, Joy Jones, Lady Alma, Daz-I-Kue and Uprock Recordings then you know what to expect.



with DJ Stylus (Soul Controllers)
and special guests

Every Wednesday starting Oct. 21
Tabaq Bistro (basement)
1336 U St NW, WDC
9pm – until
21+, no cover

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  1. Bout time nigga…

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