Refuge #12: Intimate connection

No Kleeer, just another evening pulling treats from the old box o’ choons to entertain my friends. Didn’t really dig into the new-new stuff last week, but at Refuge the records tell me what to play.

Ty – “What You Want”

I push Ty the way that Jehovah’s Witnesses push salvation. If you dig progressive, soulful, smart hip-hop and you don’t have any Ty in rotation then I feel like it’s my duty to help you see the light. This is one of my favorite cuts from his superb Closer album. Taylor McFerrin on the beatbox.

Petalpusher – “Rely On Me”

Naked Music‘s best years were just magic. The beautiful series of nudes on the album covers and the gems in the record sleeves that never left your crate after purchase. I can’t look at these records without being flooded with memories of rocking sets with or having dancefloor moments to these songs. 10 years ago the Vibe Conductor concept was just forming and these tracks helped shape that early identity.

Fertile Ground – “Take Me Higher” (Waiwan Remix)

Felt like ending the evening with drum & bass so I did. Must do that more often. Maybe tonight?


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  1. man..its gettin pretty seldom that i get through a set without playing something off of that FG remixed project. that waiwan remix is very much the truth.

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