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Tweets from the booth, episode 1

Tweets From The Booth

Another entry in an ongoing series about the realities, challenges and tactics of spinning records in public for pay…

…wherein I give you an insider perspective into the observations of the people laboring skillfully to make sure you have a fun night on the town.

Does not compute.

Shrewd cost/benefit analysis.

Happens all the time.

a.k.a. the CTRL-ALT-DEL move.

File under “aspirational”, “#firstworldproblems“, “integrity” and “perspective”.

Planned Obsolescence: The Extinction Agenda.

Focused marketing campaign + high nicotine content = addicted Negroes. Still racist though.

3 Replies to “Tweets from the booth, episode 1”

  1. And, the beat goes on.

    These bammas will never stop. Keep being creative with it, DJs. There are bunch of us who respect you for it.

  2. The Newports one got me.

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