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Tweets from the booth, episode 2

Tweets From The Booth

Another entry in an ongoing series about the realities, challenges and tactics of spinning records in public for pay…

And now, the smash follow-up to episode 1!!/DJStylus/status/152607462086819840

A reminder not to always judge a book by its cover.!/kingmost/status/153407843125571584

F**k breakfast, get money.!/DJStylus/status/158753477454073856

This is 100% true, 100% of the time.


I’ve done this before and no, sir, it’s not a little thing. It’s the type of thing that keeps your soul from dying.!/DJStylus/status/158735983838380034

It wasn’t even a smartphone.!/djayres/status/157956386960052224

*fist pump*


They missed most of the classics that will never die, but presented some of the others that I’m less familiar with because of the younger/druggier/bro-steppier demographic. I have gotten the “play something more ghetto” one many times.

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