Tweets from the booth, episode 10: The Positivity Edition

Tweets From The Booth

Another entry in an ongoing series about the realities, challenges and tactics of spinning records in public for pay…

This one is a happier than usual, because I was worried that this series was bumming people out. Catch up on previous episodes!

These nights are best when you totally don’t see them coming.

Small victories still count.

Gotta keep an open mind.

Tips appreciated for quality service.

All I do is win. I am Khaled.

It’s really not that hard to become the DJ’s BFF

One time for DJ dads!

The kids may be alright, since Kaytranada is barely out of diapers himself. Also, Janet.

Let this unfettered joy be a lesson to you all.

Beats a cubicle.

But you kinda “messed around” better than most everyone.

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