Vanessa Marquez – “Want You To Know” (Vibe Conductor edit)

During a crippling bout of procrastination, I was aimlessly combing my hard drive and came across a song that Young Deezie hipped me to a while back. The singer was signed to Star Trak for a few years and aside from one track on Clones she never dropped an official release before her contract ran out. She was also the voice opposite Justin’s on “Rock Your Body”.

Random trivia aside, it’s a pretty strong pop tune and very well produced. The hook is huge and that Chuckii Booker‘ish bassline pleases my New Jack sensibilities. I never play it out though, but after making it a bit more DJ friendly I think that will change.

I actually assembled the kit on the ASR-X, that’s how long ago the idea first occurred to me. Transferred the sounds to Reason, whipped up an arrangement in Cubase and here we are. I think there are more lost joints lurking in the lab that I might try to touch up.

Vanessa Marquez – “Want You To Know” feat. Justin Timberlake (Vibe Conductor edit)

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5 Replies to “Vanessa Marquez – “Want You To Know” (Vibe Conductor edit)”

  1. Rhome, just a quick FYI. It was confirmed a while back that it is NOT Justin Timberlake on the background vocals of this song. And for the life of me, I can’t remember who it really is @ the moment. I worshipped this song when it first leaked. Still a great joint.

  2. Dag… fact checkers can’t even drop some feedback. I see how you do, treesforbreakfast!

  3. Oh u want feedback? C’mon, yo! I downloaded it before I even posted my comment if that makes it any better. U did good!

  4. SeanMac

    This is fantastic. I great pick-me-upper. Will be donwloading soon. Give us more!

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