Blackberry Jones is back

The backstory on this cat is pretty deep. He was killing this style on a pair of these when I first met him on the U Street scene almost 15 years ago:


That was back in the Amphibians days. Then he moved on to this:


Eventually he was hauling a whole desktop around to gigs, rocking an array of virtual samplers and synth modules and a MIDI controller. That’s just how mad scientists do. I think he’s on Reason now. But anyway, you know this joint, right? Blackberry Jones + Asheru + Heron Gibran = Black Lincolns.

Blackberry Jones, previously known as Aychell made a bunch of amazing music with this guy that never came out.


They were called K.H.E.Mystery. They both rapped and did beats. Did you know that Slimkat78 (of The Els and Op Swamp 81, formerly known as Akuaman) used to rhyme? You should ask him about it. He was quite good. I have a lot of that stuff in the archives. And now you have some too, thanks to

To close, I’ll leave you with Blackberry’s classic Dilla tribute.

I think I’m going to have to do more posts like this. Joey and Shatungwa say so too. Folks talk about DMV hip-hop and have no concept of history.

2 Replies to “Blackberry Jones is back”

  1. WTF? hold this dude down and chop each of his fingers off b/c they are dangerous!
    actually i remember this cat from seeing amphibians upstairs at cafe najia (SP?) in DC 10+ years ago. that whole scene was hottadef, pure talent. all those cats were pushing the DC hip-hop scene way forward, way before its time, ironically.

  2. this is off the meter!!

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